How to use Social Media effectively in College Admissions?

By Gary Keung (Admissions Consultant at The Edge Learning Center) In or out? The increasing importance admissions placed to your Social Media accounts and how to use it to YOUR advantage. As the college admissions results are being released in batches at this time of the year, many students may happily share their excitement on being […]

The Edge’s 2016-2017 Admission Results

The Edge’s Admissions Consulting team has a long history of success. This success has continued through the 2016-2017 admissions year as well. Congratulations to all of our students admitted to their dream schools this year! Click here to check out The Edge’s 2016-2017 Admission Results in pdf format. US National University US Regional University / […]

Increase Your College Acceptance Rate to 98%!

There’s no doubt about it: applying to college is stressful. In the States, over 2600 schools offer bachelor’s degree programs, a dizzying array of options to any prospective student. But if you take the time to compile an effective college list, one that suits your academic profile most, you can increase your odds of admission […]

College Visits: What You Need To Know

     Campus visits are exciting, informative, and absolutely crucial in deciding which school is right for you. This article will explore the nuts-and-bolts of the college visit, pose some vital do’s and don’ts regarding expected behavior, and provide a laundry list of details students and families must observe during campus visits.  After reading, you will […]

Which Top American Colleges are Truly the Best to Earn a Degree in 2016?

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For over 20 years, I’ve analyzed the many lists and surveys* about the Top Universities in the United States and the World.  A recent inquiry from one of our valued clients reminded me there is significant need to “educate” people in Hong Kong and the world about these rankings and share what I’ve learned.  As a […]

New SAT Dates for 2016 for HK and China

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New SAT Dates for Students in (or coming to) Hong Kong Obviously, you don’t have to reside here, but these test dates should be available to you for 2016 if you are coming here to Hong Kong or go elsewhere: (More 2016 SAT Dates Far Below)

US vs UK Colleges – Where should I send my children?

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Being the Top SAT and ACT Test Preparation Center in Hong Kong, it would seem very obvious that we promote American based colleges. However, our support for the two most prominent exams in the world helping secure college admissions doesn’t simply come from our expertise.  It was a strategic decision many years ago when we acknowledged that […]

Richer Colleges Get Richer – The Wealthiest 10 Universities in the US

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Oxford dictionary defines an “endowment” as: “An income or form of property given or bequeathed to someone.”  It also explains it as: ” A form of life insurance involving payment of a fixed sum to the insured person on a specified date, or to their estate should they die before this date.” While the latter is […]

13% More Take the ACT vs. the SAT

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The numbers are out and the ACT continues to dominate globally. This past year in 2015, the ACT recorded a record number of test takers: 1,924,436.*  The SAT, in its most recent release of data shows that 1.7 million took the traditional exam for college admissions.** 

HKUST Ranked Higher than Peking University – US Still Tops

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French Human Resource consulting firm Emerging recently released their: 2015 Top 150 Universities for “Global Employability” Rank Institution  Country Score 1 Harvard University United States 662 2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 633 3 University of Oxford United Kingdom 609 4 California Institute of Technology United States 597 5 Yale University United States 575 6 […]