Pre-IB/AP English

 A head start on IB or AP English

Thinking of getting a head start on IB or AP English? Our pre-IB/AP English courses are designed to teach the fundamental skills that are required to excel in reading, writing, and analysis.

Pre-IB/AP English

Literary and Rhetorical AnalysisEnglish • Essay Writing

  • Instills the fundamental skills needed to earn a 7 in IB English or a 5 in AP English
  • Teaches students to write high-scoring essays for IB & AP coursework and exams
  • Prepares students to read and analyze the most challenging literary and language texts
  • Readies students for the demands of both literature and language in IB & AP courses

Good For: Students currently in (I)GCSE or MYP English as well as students in their first year of IB or AP English.

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