July 2017 Seminars at The Edge

Admissions Consulting Seminar: Application Systems Explained

Application Systems Explained Seminar

The Edge Admissions Consulting team will introduce and explain the various types of college application systems. The seminar discussion will include information on the Common App, UC App, UCAS, JUPAS, and more!

Admissions Consulting Seminar: Path to U.K. Admissions

Path to UK Admissions Seminar

The Edge’s UK Admissions Consultant Antonia Chui will be on hand to explain the ins and outs of entering a U.K. University. They will go over complicated subjects such as UCAS applications, admissions timelines, admissions scorecards, extracurricular activity selection, and more!

About The Edge

The Edge Learning Center is Hong Kong’s premier Test Preparation, Academic Tutoring, and Admissions Consulting services provider. Founded in 2008, The Edge has helped thousands of students improve their ACT and SAT scores as well as their IB and AP grades. The AC team has just finished off a very successful year in which 84.62% of their clients were accepted into one of their top 3 schools and an astounding 48.15% of their Ivy Plus* applicants were accepted. (The general acceptance rate was only 7.61% last year) Check out the rest of our 2017 Admissions Results!

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