Test Preparation

Our approach to test preparation is founded on the belief that both the traditionally Western approach to education – one that emphasizes organic learning as well as active and cooperative interaction between teacher and student – and the traditionally Eastern method – one that focuses on systematic repetition and memorization – have merit.

Combining the two allows students to reap the benefits of both approaches and enables them to achieve the high scores necessary for entrance into the world’s top universities.

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The Edge’s proven Test Preparation approach divides all the standardized tests that we work on into three areas:



Core concepts that students must know in order to succeed on the given test – for examples, the Pythagorean Theorem in Math, or Subject-Verb Agreement in English Grammar


Classic Questions

Since test makers largely assess the same competencies year in and year out, standardized tests use similarly structured questions again and again to evaluate students’ proficiency in these areas. Learning the areas. Learning to identify and respond to these repetitive structures with set strategies can boost students’ performance on even more difficult questions.



Proven tools and method to deal with different types of questions. By learning to deploy both micro- and macro-strategies, students can avoid the common pitfalls of wrong answer choices, get the opportunity to answer even the most challenging questions, and improve the efficiency with which they progress through.

Tailor-made teaching materials

“Our team of full-time content developers works around the clock analyzing past papers to determine new trends and question types, which then are used to inform existing strategies. This ensures that our material is always up-to-date and optimized for our students.”


In addition to having scored at least the 90th percentile on their standardized exams, all members of our test prep team go through a rigorous 40-hour training program followed by months of shadowing that ensures an excellent and consistent quality of instruction and a solid understanding of how to teach The Edge’s test preparation methodology.