The Edge Achievements – Student Leaders

Studying for the various tests one must take to enter US boarding schools or universities can be an extremely stressful and challenging time for students, but when it ends in success, there are few more rewarding feelings. We at The Edge are dedicating this page to our students who have faced the challenge and come out successful. Below you will find information on what makes our students so special, results!

The Edge’s Average Scores

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Recent Top Scorers

NameSchoolTestTest DateComposite Score
Ludwig ChengEton CollegeSATOctober 20181510
L. FungCISACTOctober 201836
RCHKISACTOctober 201835
Aaron FuchsAJISACTOctober 201835
Joanne LiuHKISACTOctober 201835
SAT Essentials StudentHKISSATDecember 20181560


If you are or were an Edge Student and would like to share your score, please contact us at