Top Universities Ranked by College Students

Harvard isn’t #1.  Harvard’s not even in the Top 10.  

According to professors rating site, Rate My Professors, the most recent rankings were released.

Top 10 Universities ranked by College Students:

Top 5 Universities by College Students

top 10 colleges ranked by college students

Topping the nation’s list of universities are University of Mississippi and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The site, which college students use to dish on their course experience as well as to look for input on which classes they should take, boasts over 16 million student ratings. The makers of the list combed those, weighted professors’ scores from this year and previous years and, to rank the colleges and universities, counted a combination of campus ratings and the schools’ professors’ scores.

Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt, UNC – Chapel Hill, U of Wisconsin – Madison and Notre Dame occupy higher rankings normally, but the others on the list were somewhat surprising.  However, these days, many rankings have come out evaluating these “top universities” using many different criteria.  By no means is this list by Rate My Professors scientific at all.  It’s just another set of rankings based on some less than scientific data.

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